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Flexon Eyeglass Frames

Buy Fexon Eyeglass Frames
Flexon Eyewear Flexon E1002
Available in Black and Brown
Flexon Benjamin Benjamin 600
Available in Gunmetal and Brown
FLEXON 603 frameFlexon 603
Available in Coffee and Steel
FLEXON 606 frameFlexon 606
Avialable in Light Gunmetal
Flexon Frames Flexon E1052
Available in Brushed Gun and and Brushed Brown
Flexon Influence Influence
Available in Dark Gunmetal and Matte Black
Flexon Frames Flexon Benedict 600
Available in Shiny Gunmetal and Shiny Brown
Flexon Frames Flexon E1051
Available in Satin Gunmetal and Satin Brown
Flexon Frames Flexon E1053
Available in Matte Dark Gunmetal
Flexon Frames Flexon E1060
Available in Black and Brown

*Not all frame brands, styles and colors are available at all locations. Please call 888.EYECARE for more information.